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It’s good to have the name of a good roofing company in your phone’s contact list.

Knowing which roofer to call when you need one is a pretty good idea.

We have our favorite roofers too.

Different people and websites have their lists of local companies they recommend. There is a list at for roofers in Washington State too.

A good roofing contractor will be affordable, dependable, have a good work history, answer the phone, give you a good estimate, show up on time and get the job done when they say they will.

You should get the name and number of a good contractor in your town for your contact list too.

Roof Repairs

There are two ways your roof becomes damaged.

The first way is just through the slow passage of time. Every day of every season works a little bit to wear your roof out.

Sun, rain, snow, ice, it all adds up.

Rain gets under shingles, it freezes, it thaw, it freezes, it makes your shingles shrink and expand just a little bit, over and over.

The sun heats your roof up for hours on end, day after day.

The wind constantly tries to get underneath your shingles, pulling at the roofing nails that hold them down.

Every day, your roof gets a little weaker.

The second way your roof gets damaged is by an extreme event.

These extreme events are typically a wind storm or hail storm.

These storms can damage your roof in under a minute. And often when this happens, your roof is damaged enough to jeopardize the contents of the home and the structure.

The roof is mainly designed to keep rain and the elements out, and if it’s damaged — it can do that.

If your roof gets damaged, you need to get it fixed fast. A website like can help you find a company to help you out.

A good contractor will be able to schedule your project quickly and take some emergency steps while you wait for your home to be repaired.

The vast majority of damaged roofs fall under a homeowner’s insurance policy, so most homeowners will just need to pay the deductible amount.

Gutters need a little TLC too. They need to be periodically cleaned out and inspected. Sometimes they need to get repaired. Most of the time, they work well until they stop working and need to be replaced. Call for info and assistance.

Security Service


Houston Security Service has chosen Protect America to be their home and business security monitoring service winner for this past year.

The Houston Security Service website editor Lee Arthur said, “For those Houston residents who just don’t have enough time or resources to search for a dependable and economical home security system, our website has done the initial research for them to find a top-rated local home security service which is both affordable and still offers state-of-the-art equipment.”

Arthur further said that most companies charge more than they have to for their monthly monitoring fees because they need to make up for the initial technician service call and the labor of installing the alarm system. “Almost all companies have to adjust their monthly bill upwards to pay for having their technician drive out to your home and put in your system,” he said.

He noted that the big difference between most companies and Protect America is that Protect America sends their new clients a wireless system that the clients install themselves. Because the client puts in the system instead of a paid technician, Protect America can offer a lower monthly maintenance charge.

Arthur said, “I would say the most popular new feature this year is the remote control access customers have to arm or disarm their alarm system. Many of the top ranked companies offer the remote access option — it’s kind of a cool option that most people find fun to work with.”

Houston Security Service is an information resource for Houston homeowners and small business property owners who are interested in learning more about security systems and monitoring plans. You can find out more information at

So we are putting together a short list of good Baltimore, Maryland roofing companies. You can recommend another one to us if you like. Just let us know.

Okay, here is our list of licensed roof contractors so far:

Fick Brothers Roofing and Exteriors are experienced roofing contractors that know how to get your project done right the first time. The take pride in your roof, flashing and gutters.

Phil Dibello Roofing provides their Baltimore customers with high quality workmanship and quick service at a fair price.

Bollinger Roofing is a full-service roofing company that is family owned and operated. They work all of the greater Baltimore area doing preventative maintenance, total re-roofs and roofing repairs. They work on all types of roofing surfaces, from asphalt to steel.

This page shows off just a few of the local roofing talent in the greater Boston area.

You can recommend your favorite roofing company if you have one.

Hayleys Super Company is a contractor that works on roofs, chimneys, vinyl siding and fireplaces. You are guaranteed a leak-free and reliable roof if they do the job. They work on most any common roof type, including metal, asphalt or fiberglass shingles, tile and slate.

David Ness Jr Construction provides quality service, workmanship and materials. With their service, they offer a 15-year warranty on workmanship (along with the manufacturer’s warranty). They work on most type of roofs in the Boston area. Besides roofing, they perform vinyl siding installation, gutter repair and installation, gutter cleaning, standard roof repairs, and ice dam removals in many Massachusetts and Rhode Island suburbs.

Duffy Roofing Company is a family-owned and operated, fully licensed and insured provider of reliable roofing and gutter services to the Suffolk County area. They have over 50 years of experience working with local homeowners and businesses repairing and installing flat and sloped roofs. They offer free estimates.

We want to talk about roofing companies in the Detroit, Michigan area.

Our short list so far consists of three pretty well-known roofing services. If you know of a great roofer in Detroit, just tell us about them.

Hansons Roofing is a long-time roofing company. They work on a variety of fiberglass and asphalt shingle roofs. They also install other roofing coverings such as metal shingles, copper shingles, aluminum shingles and cedar shakes. Free estimates are available.

Greater Detroit Roofing works with both residential and commercial property owners in the Detroit area. They work on most types of roofs, including low slope commercial buildings.

Kearns Brothers Roofing also performs residential and commercial roof projects. But they also do siding and window construction projects too. They try to offer affordable prices to southeast Michigan homeowners. Their crews are factory trained and manufacturer certified.

Your roof will come with a manufacturer warranty which covers defects in the roof covering product only, not with a warranty that covers the workmanship of the installers, so get a good roofer to put on your next roof.

Chicago Septic for info about septic and Chicagoland topics.

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